Strong Encryption
All internet traffic is redirected over a secure encrypted VPN tunnel. WifiMask uses VPN technology with "Top Secret"-level encryption: AES-256-GCM, 4096-bit RSA & Perfect Forward Secrecy using 4096-bit Diffie Hellmann keys. This will get the nod from every Security Engineer.
Because you get a new IP-address from us, or more precise from the server on the location you are connecting to, you can pretend that you are on the other side of the planet by choosing a different location under the Teleport option. This allows you for example to watch your favourite national online television wherever you go or visit websites which are only accessible from the chosen geographical location.
Ad blocking
WifiMask speeds up your internet connection by blocking annoying ads with a daily updated blocklist. You can turn this option off under Preferences, in case a website only allows you when your adblocker is turned off.
Malware blocking
In the 90's we needed virusscanners, today we need a VPN with extra security measures to stay safe. Together with blocking ads, WifiMask blocks threats like malware, spyware, phishing, ad fraud, botnets and cryptocurrency mining. A daily updated blocklist prevents you from these threats and traffic before a connection is ever made.
Hide your real IP-address
When an encrypted connection is established you will receive a new IP-address from us. To the outside world it will appear as if you are coming from one of our servers. This will give you an extra layer of online privacy and protection.
Kill Switch
The WifiMask apps have an automatic "Kill Switch" feature, which activates firewall rules and prevents leaking your data when the app is reconnecting. This means that as long as the apps are turned on, you're protected and don't have to worry about your data leaking on the network.
DNS & IPv6 leak protection
Simply a VPN is not enough, extra security measures in the apps are necessary to guarantee your privacy and safety on data networks. DNS & IPv6 leak protection is among these and taken care of by the WifiMask apps. More information about these protections can be find below.

Unblock content with Teleporting

currently 21 servers in 8 countries
Amsterdam (The Netherlands, EU)
London (United Kingdom, EU)
Frankfurt (Germany, EU)
New York (USA East)
San Francisco (USA West)
Toronto (Canada)
Singapore (Asia)
Bengaluru (India)
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How WifiMask works

Deeper dive into the world of WifiMask
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What happens when the app is "Reconnecting...", am I still safe?
What about the security of the website, my account information and password?
What about DNS leaking, DNS hi-jacking and IPv6 leaking?
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