About WifiMask VPN

WifiMask VPN is a product of House of Cyber BV, a company located in 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. We are providing internet privacy & security since 2015.

We are 2 brothers at the end of our thirties from the Netherlands, Joris and Joost Hoogendoorn. Joris is making sure the visuals and design of the apps and website are looking fresh and user friendly and Joost is giving the highest priority to security while developing the apps and building the infrastructure.

Joris has tons of experience in visual interface design for websites and apps and is the owner of visual design studio The Vector Monkeys. Take a look and 'nuff said.

Joost, as a former employee of CloudVPS (now TransIP), has an extensive background in the internet hosting industry, building and maintaining large server and network configurations and is passionate about computer security and software development.

We are on a mission to make security accessible and the internet unlimited for everyone, starting with an app for macOS and iOS to protect your privacy, provide internet security and unblock access to online content. Our focus is on privacy, security, speed, stability and usability.

PS. Please note that we, as a Dutch company, can offer a strict no-log policy because according to Dutch law we are, as an ISP, NOT required to retain customers’ communications metadata for perusal by the authorities. In 2014, a court in the Hague suspended the previously in place Dutch data retention law.
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