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WifiMask is currently available for macOS & iOS.

Instructions for our 'All Apple devices' plan

WifiMask for all your Apple devices: iPhone, iPad & Mac
If you want to sign up for an account which you can use for all your iPhone's, iPad's & Mac computers follow these easy steps:
Create an account and get a plan here:
Sign up
Download the WifiMask app for iOS (iPhone & iPad) or for macOS (Mac, MacBook & iMac)
Use your email address and password to connect the app to the WifiMask servers.

Instructions for 'iOS only' plan

WifiMask for iPhone & iPad
If you want to sign up for the iOS-only account, these are the steps to follow:
Download the WifiMask app on the app-store
Tap 'Continue' in the startscreen and 'Get subscription for iOS' to get your plan from the app-store.
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